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Obituary for Michael Earl James

Michael Earl James was born to the parents, Henry Edward James and Jody James on November 17th, 1964 in Los Angeles, California. They resided in Pasadena, California where he grew up and continued living until adult age. He met his wife Joy McClendon and married in 2007, resided in Palmdale, California until death. Preceding him in death is his father, mother, two sisters, three brothers, and a niece.
He leaves behind his formal wife Joy McClendon of Palmdale, California; one brother, Anthony James of Lancaster, California; aunt, Lena Williams of San Dimas, California; one step-daughter, Jamesia Walley; one step-daughter, Janevia Taylor of Lancaster, California; one step-son, James Freeman II, of Victorville, California and a host of grandkids, nieces and cousins.

Our Last Goodbyes

Husband-Best Friend-Ride or Die
The love we had stays on my mind, I kept asking why? This can't be the time. You loved me, showed me in many ways since you've been gone, how many days? You left me without warning, I don't believe it's hard to process, I'm confused, Grieve?
My sixty years is supposed to be happy, not sad. Here I sit, crying and hurting, this is all bad. The loneliness has crept in, what do you recommend? Talk it out, cry it out, dance it out, grin? You used to say I'm strong, you were so wrong. I am and feel so weak now that you are gone. Today I will celebrate for you, your life. The love you said you needed from your wife. Take up your wings and fly high in the sky.
Love always, Joy
your wife!!!

The Last One Now Standing
Mike, I am sitting here missing you so, so much. This is really hurting my heart so, so much! The pain is so unexplainable. The fact that I am alone now. Man, I wish you were still here with me, damn, I'm missing you so much. Mike, I love you and will forever miss you.
Your baby brother,

Special Acknowledgement
A special thanks to Ms. Wendy Hardy, Jerry Gross, and Freddie Gross who supported all of us through this tough time. We appreciate your kindness, generosity, and understanding.

Special Thanks
We the family of Michael James would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you who spent time with Michael and Joy, giving him pleasure. Thanks for all your support.
God Bless you all.