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Obituary for Anson Sutter

Anson Sutter was born in Maine, to Althea & Carl Sutter on November 21, 1944, he worked in a shoe factory when he was 18 years old, then married Georgette Belanger on May 6, 1967, they moved to California in 1977, they had a daughter named Corinna, Anson worked as a commercial repairman from 1978 to when he opened up his own business as a repairman in 1984 he continued to do that til the day he retired, Anson enjoyed Hunting and fishing, making Knives and collecting guns, he enjoyed the desert, he also had a sailboat that was eventually hit by a tsunami and lost it, he is survived by his mother Althea (95) years old, Georgette Sutter his wife , and his daughter Corinna, and brother John who lives in Maine.